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What is implemented

* open regular files and directories:
  * ext2, ext3, ext4
* /dev/null, zero, random, urandom
* epoll fd's
* event fd's
* timer fd's
* signal fd's
* unix sockets
* ipv4 sockets (except time-wait sockets)
* SYSV IPC (message queues, semaphores, and shared memory)
  * except semaphore undo
* Unix98 ptys
* futexes
* process ids
* credentials (userid, group, and POSIX capabilities)
* Smack LSM labels
* pipes
* signals
* multiple processes, threads
* nested namespaces of:
  * user
  * IPC
  * UTS (hostname)
  * IPC
  * (nested pid namespaces only require userspace support)

What is NOT implemented (please make each a link to a page describing issues, a design for solving, how we will detect it to refuse checkpoint if we will not support it, and "how ugly it will make the kernel". The table summarizes these details. )

Not Implemented Refuses to Checkpoint
Anticipated Solution Impact
mounts Yes
network devices, time-wait inet sockets Yes
unlinked files and directories Yes
inotify Yes Probably gross due to watches attaching to inodes
FUSE Yes Clean but requires per-FUSE-filesystem support
network and distributed filesystems Yes
SYSV IPC: semaphore undo No Small, clean
netlink Yes
new, expiremental, and/or
infrastructure-oriented network protocols
file locks Yes
file leases Yes
fowner+sigio Yes
ptraced tasks Yes
time namespace N/A
restart of 64-bit task from
32-bit task and vice versa
inet6 sockets
(previously supported, just need
to add it back in. minor)
Hardware devices
other than those mentioned above.
Includes mmap, /dev/foo, Infiniband devices
System-specific files in sysfs
(things like UUID files)
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