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The Linux Application Checkpoint-Restart Project (Linux-CR) aims to get core functionality into the upstream Linux kernel to checkpoint, restart, and migrate applications and Linux Containers.

The Linux-CR project is applying to the 2010 Google Summer of code (GoSC) as a mentoring organization.


  • Oren Laadan
  • Serge Hallyn

We can be found on the containers mailing list or on #lxcontainers on

Project ideas

  • TPM Exploitation
 * Seal checkpoint images and verify at restart
 * Skill level: high
 * Some background in cryptographic protocols
  • Supporting checkpoint/restart FUSE filesystems
 * Skill level: high
 * implement checkpoint() and collect() fuse_operations
  • better diagnostics tools (improve ckptinfo to give more info, to give stats about objects and the entire image), and also add a visualization tool
 * Skill level: medium
  • userspace image mangling tools - that allow to change something in the image in a robust way
 * e.g. change an open file to another file
 * Skill level: medium
  • filesystem checkpointing/migration
 * implement support in userspace tools
 * support rsync, tar, btrfs snapshots
 * skill level: medium
  • userspace conversion tools
 * rather than have kernel handle image translation, it was decided images should be converted in userspace before restart
 * this could apply for:
   * different checkpoint image versions
   * different kernel versions
   * different kernel configurations
 * this task will consist of
   * deciding limits on what is supported
   * modifying checkpoint image format as needed (i.e. no config info at present)
   * starting an implementation

Application Template

* Your Name:
* Email Address:
* State/Country or Time Zone.
* IRC nick:
* Background:
  * Education
  * Previous open source participation
  * Virtualization experience
* Which project are you interested in?  (If you have your own idea related to checkpoint/restart you can list that too)
* Is there a specific reason for choosing the project you did?  (i.e. crypto interest for TPM)
* If you didn't get paid, what if any coding project would you choose to do?
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